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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - Issue 39 - December 2015
BT Newsbyte - the quarterly newsletter for analysts & investors, shining a spotlight on innovation, products and strategy across BT


Hello and welcome to the December edition of 'Newsbyte'.

The lead story in this issue reports on the publication of our position on privacy and free expression in communications in the UK. There has been a long public debate on these issues recently and we think it is important that we express our position on them clearly.

In this newsletter, we also discuss how BT Global Services brings the benefits of its products and service to life for its customers through its global showcase facilities. And we 'plug' a new development from BT Wholesale that bridges the gap between carrier-grade communications and Skype for Business to create an integrated client capability.

In our feature article, Mike Galvin, Managing Director of Next Generation Access, BT TSO, gives an update on Openreach's trials of G.fast and an overview of lab tests of a new development of the technology which has exciting potential.

Our 'Newsbyte talks to' article contains an interview with Hubertus von Roenne, VP Global Industry Practices, BT, in which he outlines how taking a 'vertical' view of industries helps BT Global Services create tailored solutions to solve the business challenges of its customers.

And the '60-second guide' explains how BT is using 'ethical hacking' to test the potential vulnerabilities of connected vehicles. 

We hope you enjoy the articles here and as always, don't forget to visit our website at www.btplc.com/sharesandperformance for presentations, press releases and videos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Joanna Gluzman-Laukkanen, Director of Analyst Relations

Damien Maltarp, Group Investor Relations Director


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