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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - Issue 35 - September 2014
BT Newsbyte - the quarterly newsletter for analysts & investors, shining a spotlight on innovation, products and strategy across BT


Hello and welcome to the September edition of 'Newsbyte'.

In this issue, we give an overview of the new BT One Phone service from BT Business. BT One Phone brings together all of a company's office phone system and mobile phone needs into a single service, hosted in the Cloud and delivered on a mobile phone.

BT Sport celebrated its first birthday in August, so we've taken the opportunity to look back on a great first year and to highlight recent developments that will further enhance the viewing experience.

We have our first interview with Joe Garner, CEO of Openreach, in which he tells us about the importance of building Britain's connected future, his strategy for Openreach and his immediate priorities.

With the internet becoming increasingly central in our daily lives, shielding children from inappropriate content has become a concern for many parents. Our feature article describes what BT is doing to help families keep children safe online by providing practical advice and a network-based tool to provide peace of mind.

We hope you enjoy the stories here and as always, don't forget to visit our website at www.btplc.com/sharesandperformance for presentations, press releases and videos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Joanna Gluzman-Laukkanen, Director of Analyst Relations

Damien Maltarp, Group Investor Relations Director


BT Business launches BT One Phone
This summer marked a watershed moment for BT Business, with our first major launch as a stand-alone reporting company within BT Group – BT One Phone.
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BT Sport - one year on
In August, BT Sport celebrated its on-air first birthday after a momentous year, shaking up the market for sports viewing in the UK.
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BT Wholesale and Avaya to launch cloud solutions
In August BT and Avaya announced a five-year agreement for BT Wholesale to deliver Avaya's Unified Communications and Contact Centre applications as a cloud service.
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BT competition paves way for innovative start-ups
What do a child-friendly tablet, a smart TV app, an online protection system and a language development app have in common? They're all BT Infinity Lab competition winners.
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Newsbyte talks to Joe Garner
Joe Garner is chief executive of Openreach.
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Feature: Keeping children safe online
While the internet is an invaluable tool for children and young people, its growth as an unregulated space has given rise to some concerns among parents.
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Events round-up
At a Hosted Communications Services event, BT Wholesale showcased its flexible portfolio of SIP trunking, Hosted Centrex, Hosted Contact Centres and Inbound Services.
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60 second guide
Femtocells are the smallest member of the radio basestation family, helping address the challenge of in-building mobile coverage.
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Wins, launches and appointments
A round-up of all the latest news from BT...
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