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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - Issue 27 - April 2012
BT Newsbyte - the quarterly newsletter for analysts & investors, shining a spotlight on innovation, products and strategy across BT


Hello and welcome to the April edition of 'Newsbyte'.

Again, we had a very busy quarter – we announced a technological development which will enable us to offer 'FTTP on demand', further expansion of our operations and network in the Middle East and Africa, and expansion of our IP voice services portfolio at BT Wholesale.

In this issue we hear from Olivier Campenon, president EMEA at BTGS, about BT's investment in the Middle East and Africa, we look at two cloud applications to enhance BT Wholesale's IPVS portfolio and also provide a 60 second technical guide to 'FTTP on demand'.

Also, Bas Burger, president Global Commerce gives us insight into his challenges, initiatives and recent deals in 'Newsbyte talks to'.

Plus we hear from Neil Rogers, president Global Government, about how BT is supporting the UK government in delivering its public service network (PSN) and G-cloud initiatives.

We hope you enjoy the stories here and as always, don't forget to visit our website atwww.btplc.com/sharesandperformancefor presentations, press releases and videos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Joanna Gluzman-Laukkanen,Director of Analyst Relations

Damien Maltarp, Group Investor Relations Director


BT Wholesale enhances its IPVS indirect channel proposition
BT Wholesale enhances its IPVS indirect channel proposition with two innovative cloud applications BT Wholesale has added MobileOffice and CRM Connect to its award-winning IP Voice Services (IPVS)...
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Q3 financial results
Q3 Financial Results In February, BT Group announced its results for the third quarter and nine months to 31 December 2011. Revenue was down 5 per cent in the quarter, broadly in line with the...
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'Internet of Things' could help drive economic growth
'Internet of Things' could help drive economic growth By John Davies, chief researcher at BT Imagine a world where your car contacts your home's heating system to tell it that you'll be home an...
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BT expands in high growth regions
BT expands in high growth regions By Olivier Campenon, president EMEA, BT Global Services The Economist magazine recently described Africa as "the hopeful continent" in a special briefing on the...
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Newsbyte talks to...Bas Burger
Newsbyte talks toBas Burger Bas Burger is president, Global Commerce, BT Global Services Hello Bas, could you tell us a little more about your role in BT GS? I'm responsible for Global...
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Helping the UK public sector build and exploit a secure platform
Helping the UK public sector build and exploit a secure platform By Neil Rogers, president, global government, BT Global Services The past month has marked a significant watershed for IT in the...
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Events round-up
Events round-up PSN event 'From vision to reality' Industry analysts turned up in force to attend BT Global Services' PSN event 'From vision to reality', held at the Cabinet Office in February....
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60 second guide
60 second guide 'FTTP on demand' BT is investing 2.5bn on a commercial basis to make fibre broadband available to around two thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014. The majority of this...
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Wins and launches
Wins Launches Wins BT is to provide NATO with a communications network, connecting more than 70 locations, spread across the NATO nations and the Balkans. The five-year agreement is valued at...
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