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Rosie Bjorkstrand

Finance apprentice

What do you get up to in your day-to-day role?

I am currently working in the General Ledger team and have a varied workload, dealing with lots of different elements which make up the final trial balance.

Every day is different, dealing with tasks such as analysing raw data sent from various financial departments in order to raise journals to make sure it is properly reflected in the monthly accounts, also completing a wide range of reconciliations using specific methods of verification to ensure the financial data is accurate, querying differences with relevant departments and LOBs.

I am really enjoying this role so far as you get to deal with a lot of different information from different LOBs and departments, you are always learning something new and improving your understanding of the many areas of BT finance.

Most enjoyable moment/project so far?

We recently had the opportunity to visit the BT Tower which was an amazing experience. This was for the Project Beacon party, to celebrate the brilliant success of bringing finance and accounting work back to BT.

We were welcomed with tea and biscuits before being whisked up to the top of the tower to enjoy the incredible views of London with a glass of bubbly. And if that doesn’t make you dizzy the rotating room will!

There was a brilliant atmosphere and it was great to meet some of the people who had made the project such a success and hearing some of their tales of tears, sweat and laughter!

Why did you choose the apprenticeship?

I had always thought I would go to university and get a degree, but after completing my A Levels I felt eager to start my career and continue my studies alongside work.

When I was thinking about studying accountancy I had the old stereotype in the back of my mind, telling me that accountancy was boring and dull, but when I actually spoke to people working in finance I learnt how diverse your career path can be and the great opportunities you have being a management accountant, so I decided to begin studying AAT.

After 3 years of working as finance administrator, and completing level 2 and 3 AAT, I was excited to see the BT Finance Higher Apprenticeship Scheme in which I could really get my career started.

I would recommend this apprenticeship scheme very highly; we receive invaluable support and training in our job roles and in college, and have lots of exciting opportunities to network, meet senior managers and reach our career goals.

Future aspirations

My main career goal at the moment is to complete CIMA and continue to progress my career in BT finance. I would like to eventually become a manager and maybe be a part of a future project, after being inspired by the success and hard work from project Beacon.

I don’t know where exactly I will end up in BT, but I know there is a wide range of great opportunities for me here.

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